Six key difference between an online and inland casino

Six key difference between an online and inland casino

A land based Casino or an online casino? Which provides more entertainment and excitement? Well, the online casinos have certainly given a new dimension to the world of enjoyment and amusement.

No doubt, there is something more real and exciting playing at a real fun casino. The loud music, drinking a few free beverages, wagering your money and shouting with excitement is fun. But that’s it. The comparison ends there.

Here are different advantages and disadvantages of these 2 very different fun casino experiences:

1. Location

Online casinos such as Zodiac Casino have the greatest advantage in that they are right there in comfort of your homes to play at. Unlike the land casinos, you don’t have to make a trip or travel to play at an online casino. You can access any fun casino game at any time and from anywhere.

2. A variety of games:

Online casinos provide a huge variety and number of games. Land based casinos, on the other hand, are limited due to floor space. It is impossible to fit in all variety of Casino games within the four walls of a real casino. Online casinos exist in cyberspace, where space is unlimited and not a problem. One can virtually play any game, with any variation they desire.

3. Graphics

The realistic looking graphics at online casinos give you the real feel and excitement of playing at a live Casino. The quality of the graphics and animations keep getting better with time. The land based casinos often have inferior graphics and sounds when compared to an online casino.

4. Environment

While playing at the web casinos, one has all the time to pause, think, ask a friend, or even consult a book for the next move. You have all the time in the world. One does not have such a choice in a land based casino where one has to make quick decisions without consultation. At online casinos, the pace of the game is in your control.

5. Payment Options

You can almost never play for free at a land based casino. Leave alone a few practice games. Well, you have no such problems at web casinos. You can play as many free games as you want for practice or just for fun. It is your choice when you want to gamble for real money.

With many payment options available on an online casino which are both safe and secure, transferring money online has never been a problem. One has no worry about carrying chips or misplacing them.

6. Dress code

With an online casino, you can decide to wear anything that that you feel is will make you comfortable. In land casinos, you have to worry about weather and social circles that greatly determines what you will wear.

Online Casino: How to choose wisely

Online Casino: How to choose wisely

With the countless online casinos within the online gambling market, how would you know which one is the right one for you? If you wish to maximize your online casino profits, this decision cannot be taken lightly, especially since it is not that hard to make. To make the best choice there are only a few guidelines to follow. Once these are learnt, you could be well on your way to casino riches.

1. The About Us Section of the Casino Online

While most online casino players might ignore this section completely, checking the information that the casino agrees to reveal about itself reflects its reliability. A trustworthy online casino will always use this section to disclose its online gaming license and jurisdiction, details about the online casino software used for the various casino games, methods of safeguarding the players’ privacy and security and deposit methods among others.

2. The Casino Games Software and Technology

Playtech software has earned the reputation of being a top-quality and top-design casino games software. This makes it the choice of premier internet casinos, which put player experience as their first priority. Besides a broad selection of online casino games and cutting-edge design, the payment rates are strictly monitored (TST compliance).

3. Online Casino Peer Review

Blogs and forums such as can be of great assistance in your choice of a casino online. A simple search of your chosen casino will reveal the opinions and experiences of many other online casino players like you. A good or bad review will definitely provide an incentive for you to make a wise choice of a casino online.

4. Player Assistance

One of the most important features of a serious and reliable online casinos is the accessibility of its service. The best casinos offer 24/7 assistance in a variety of ways: Telephone, e-mail, chat etc. The more contact information – the more transparency.

5. Payout Percentage Rates

A reliable casino will surely publish the commission it charges per game, and the maximum winnings he can amount to in percentages. These percentages vary depending on the casino and the casino game of choice. You should look for a high payout percentages in your chosen online casino, such as William Hill which offers 97.6%

6. Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal

A trustworthy casino online will usually allow you to make your deposits and cash-outs in a variety of methods, and limit you as little as possible when it comes to the amounts and periods of time. Moreover, these internet casinos will also offer you bonuses per deposit method.7. Casino Bonuses and Promotions
The best casinos are those willing to offer you online casino bonuses with minimum withdrawal conditions, such as First Deposit Bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses etc. Make sure you choose a casino that offers you the largest variety of bonuses.

8. Fun Mode

The best online casinos allow you to experience the casino games before you make your deposit. Make sure you practice before you loose all your money learning how to play the various casino games.

9. Variety

Even if you are all set on one game, the best casinos will offer you a broad selection of casino games such as online blackjack, online roulette, slots and many other to choose from. Diversify your casino games and have fun as you win. William Hill casino offers you countless casino games, in numerous modes and innovative versions.

A reliable casino online has a detailed and accessible terms and conditions section for the online casino players to review. The best casinos also have a special section for the terms and conditions of the bonuses. Make sure you review them carefully before starting your online gambling experience.

Tips on Choosing a good online casino

Tips on Choosing a good online casino

We are living in a web based society and we are hugely dependent on the internet to provide us with comfort and convenience. An online casino is the most convenient way of experiencing the casino games and that to from the comfort of your home. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection. Online casinos are being used by millions of people from all over the world. Here are tips on choosing a good online casino.

You favorite casino game

Online casinos would most of the time specialize in a particular game. Decide which online casino specializes in your favorite casino game. This would have to be the first thing that you should check.

The location where you live in

It is not necessary that the internet or download speed be same in different parts of the world. Different online casinos would require you to have different download and internet speed. Before you commit to any transactions with any online casino, make sure that you have the appropriate internet connection.

Bonuses can differ

When choosing an online casino, make sure that you choose the one that gives out the best bonus. Bonuses differ from casino to casino. Apart from the initial signing up bonuses, there are many online casinos which offer point accumulating systems. There could also be online casinos which offer tournament bonuses, VIP bonuses etc.


Your native language might not be English. So you will have to look for an online casino which offers the complete information in your preferred language. When you are playing or trying to calculate the odds, it would be very difficult if you find a word that cannot be understood.

Checking out the reviews

There are professional sites which go about and test different online casino and write reviews about them. Read the reviews and do take it as a recommendation. You should know that, your views and expectations can be different from theirs.

User opinions

Checking out user opinions can be a very great way to go forward. If you are logged into a good online casino, then you can be sure to find good user opinions about it.

Support team can help

If you are at a very good online casino, they would definitely have the best support staff working for them. Contacting them first, before signing would be preferable. You can get to check their professionalism, their way of communication etc.

The best ways to determine how good an online casino is, is to start with a free account first. Try and play some games and also communicate with the others players. With the free account you can test the online casino fully. An online casino would be the best way to play online games and that too from the comfort of your home. You have to ensure that you choose the best one. So go ahead and make a good choice.

From Real To Virtual – The History Of Online Casinos

They’re called virtual or web-based casinos and gambling sites.

The history of the online casinos is a young one, like the starting chapter of a story that’s just begun to be told. Simply put, online casinos are just like their real brick-and-mortar counterparts except for the one small fact that they’re played on the internet. The variety of games they offer differ are based on their franchise and / or website operation. And to compensate for the lack of real and interpersonal social interaction, online gambling offers slightly better odds of winning compared to real life casinos – especially in slot machine games, where real casinos adopt a “house advantage” where they regulate the chances of scoring a winning combination. This is not the case in an online casino.

August 18, 1995 marked the birth of the history of online casinos, with the opening of Internet Casinos, Inc. or ICI. Operating out of Turks and Caicos Islands to avoid clashes with the American government, the site offered eighteen casino games and provided players with access to National Indian Lottery through the internet.

Two other online casinos, The Gaming Club and Intertops Casino and Sports Book also launched their debuts in the mid 1990’s, generating some debate as to which was the first in the history of online casinos.

But all in all, the flames that sparked the fire of the history of online casinos were a major success, with their offers of reputable and reliable payouts and other services like high security, efficient customer care, and a wide reach through the World Wide Web.

Interactive Gaming and Communications Corporation or SBET followed suit a year after, adding online casinos to its sports book service after registering itself on NASDAQ’s list as a publicly traded company. It was a hit, as its customers were not limited to internet offerings but were also able to place sports bets through a toll-free line that ran through Antigua.

At present, most online gambling sites are quick to follow the examples from the pioneers of the history of online casinos, basing their services in offshore headquarters, mainly in the Caribbean Islands to avoid conflict with stringent American state gambling laws.

Moving on, another first in the history of online casinos came from Sol Kerzner, the owner of the first online casino based in Great Britain – the concept of a thematic online gambling site. Atlantis, Kerzner’s online casino continues to beguile players today with free vacations and slot payouts in five-figures.

In just 12 years, the story and history of online casinos continues to unfold in leaps and bounds – the Rolling Good Times Online, a known gambling publication, estimates that the online gambling industry worldwide is worth $49 billion. It also lists 452 online gambling sites and thousands of affiliates and the like under the website’s umbrella of subsidiaries and franchises.